For all the worldwide parrots lovers worldwide, we want to welcome to Hand Reared Parrots Home, where you will discover more about the wonderful array of tame parrots that we breed. We specialize in the breeding and hand raising of large parrots species. Our main breeds are – African Greys, Cockatoos, Keas, and of course Macaws. We take enormous pride in personally breeding and hand rearing high-quality parrots; each has the very best start in life in a spacious aviary with plenty of fresh air and natural daylight, and receives expert care and attention during this time. We raise both parent reared and incubator hatched babies.

We are highly classified breeding high quality Macaws for sale takes a lot of passion, dedication and special techniques. All our babies are remarkable. They are just beautiful in every single way. Just look at the pictures on our website and you will note the quality if their feathers. In all cases we wean our birds onto sprouts, fresh fruit, pellets and vegetables. We care deeply for all of our birds, and offer a continuous post-purchase service to ensure that both you and your new parrot are happy together – which means that you can make your selection with complete confidence.

If you are looking for a reputable parrot breeder that cares and raises every bird by hand with care, contact us today and we hope you enjoy finding out more about these amazing and beautiful birds and hopefully you will now have been able to choose the right parrot(s) for you and your household, and will maintained contact with us to help provide you with support.

Enjoy your new relationship with your bird and the start of a probable lifelong hobby.

Best regards, Watson Gray,  Founder

Hand Reared Parrots Home