Green Winged Macaw

The iconic macaw species represent most people’s idea of exotic tropical parrots. Scarlet macaws and Blue and Gold macaws often feature in commercials and films for this very reason. These beautiful charismatic birds are highly intelligent, playful and loving companions.

These babies are enjoying some time in the garden: they get good perching practice on the table, though not too much at this stage as their bones are still forming and excessive perching could damage them. Watch out for more videos as they grow up…
Often talented talkers, macaws seem to have a particularly knowing grasp of that which is going on around them. They are therefore willing and receptive participants in training, be it house-training, behavioural modification or even ‘trick’ training – and trained they must be if you are to enjoy your bird to its full potential.

Omnivorous in their eating habits, they seem to delight in a variety of new and interesting foods, savouring their favourites like a gourmet.

Strong fliers, even in a home situation this should be encouraged for optimum health. Even large green winged macaws can be amazingly agile in the relatively small flying space of the average house once they have overcome their baby clumsiness! Having a large macaw flying from a perch to the hand never fails to be an exciting experience.

Please find below Green Winged Macaw

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