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  • Sale! Blue and Gold Macaw for sale

    Blue and Gold Macaw for sale

    £1,500.00 £1,000.00

    An outstandingly beautiful bird, it’s no wonder the Blue and Gold Macaw is the favorite of many. As well as a wonderful colour combination, many of these birds have a very amiable temperament to match. Gentle and loving, many will delight in rolling onto their back for a tummy rub!

    Baby Blue and Gold Macaws that we bred have been bought and trained by Colchester Zoo for their free-flight and educational displays, and also appeared on a television series about the zoo.

  • Sale! Military Macaw for sale

    Blue-Throated Macaw for sale

    £3,000.00 £1,500.00

    One of the rarest parrots in the wild, the elegant Blue Throated macaw is an animated beauty. Displaying to one another or to their keeper with raised throat feathers and crimson-blushed faces, they are almost robotic in their movements. Smaller and more finely-featured than the Blue and Gold, their voice is also quite different.

  • Sale! Green Winged Macaw for sale

    Green Winged Macaw for sale

    £1,300.00 £1,100.00

    A macaw of imposing stature, the Green Winged Macaw is another bird possessed of an outstanding temperament. The Walt Disney corporation bought a beautiful baby from us which featured prominently – and amusingly – in the film ‘The 102 Dalmations’.