Welcome to our website, home of some well hand raised Macaws for sale. All our birds are part of our happy family and get a lot of good training; so, if you’re looking to add a new friend to your own family, look no further. These incredible and fun loving birds are much more than just a pet, they are a loyal companion for life.

Keeping Parrot(s) is like keeping an elephant chained in your back yard. You should not think about sharing life with a parrot unless you can offer hours of companionship each day and provide a stimulating environment.

Parrots are social animals who fly in groups of up to thousands of birds, forming complex societies with families and hierarchies. As prey animals, they need a flock-like environment to feel safe. Most parrots are monogamous, and form strong pair bonds that last for life. A parrot in the wild is seldom alone; even when flying among their flocks, pairs always fly next to each other.


You are welcome to visit the babies, but please make an appointment first!  We are very busy doing the everyday chores involved in running an aviary. Although we are closed on Sunday, visits are scheduled from 1 PM to 7 PM the rest of the week.

We Ship/Home Delivery

Our first consideration is to the wellbeing of the birds being shipped. We have been shipping for years and we take every precaution to make sure that your new pet arrives safely.

We prefer to ship direct to a major city, eliminating connecting flights if at all possible. This may mean driving a bit further to a large airport, or it may mean pick up in the evening to ensure appropriate shipping temperatures during hot weather seasons. Weekday shipping is preferred over weekends, due to the fact that there are fewer travelers then, and that many cargo terminals close early on the weekends.

Our babies are fully weaned when shipped. They are shipped in airline approved kennels that are darkened to help eliminate stress during the flight. Each kennel will have a perch, juicy fruits, vegetables, and parrot kibble. Often, the baby will be shipped with a favorite soft stuffed animal as a comfort friend. The crate/kennel price will vary with the size of the bird or if you prefer a clean, used crate (if available) to a new one.

Flight times and dates will be agreed upon and then once we have called the airlines, we will send you the arrangements by e-mail for you to print off and keep on hand. Please call the cargo terminal before leaving to make sure that the flight is on time, and to get good directions to the building itself. Normally pick-up will usually be 45 minutes to 90 minutes after the flight lands.

We only let our parrots go to their new homes once they have been fully weaned. If you are looking for a reputable Parrot Breeder that cares and raises every bird by hand with care, Contact Global Parrots and More today.

Art 1.  Global Parrots & More is not open to the public in order to control disease and the stress of having strangers walking into the birds’ private areas. We do not accept visitors on a walk in and walk out basis. This means that before you visit us you are required to book an appointment 48 hours prior your visit. Please note that we will only grant visit to clients who have confirm their order.

Art 2. You will be issued a payment receipt upon confirmation of your payment. Please remember to come along with your receipt when you are coming to pick up your bird.  In some cases for home you may also be required to present your payment receipt. We will proceed with home delivery with 24 – 48 hours after confirmation of your payment.

Art 3. All balances must be paid in full BEFORE shipping arrangements are made. Payment in full is required at time of pick up – delivery must be taken within a reasonable time after confirmation of purchase. A daily fee of £10/day will be charged for babies not picked up within 2 weeks after purchase. Cage space is highly valued here!

Art 4. We may from time to time request that you send to us photos of your parrot so we can know its wellbeing. You also agree that we can share those photos on our website and other media.

Art 5. Due to our workload, you will be doing us a big favor by coming over to pick up your bird. Never the less, you may still request for a staff to accompany you back to your home so they can help check if your birds will have a good playing environment to excise it large wings. To accompany a client to their home after purchase is not applicable to all clients.

Art 6. We are happy that you are very much interested in owning a parrot(s) and we want the same for you too, but because we care about your wellbeing and that of the bird. Unfortunately not every request for purchase will be granted.

Remember!!! At Global Parrots & and More it’s First come first serve.

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Our 30 day returns guarantee means that if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to us in its original condition within 30 days of the date you received the item. All returned goods must be received by us in a saleable condition with any seals or shrink-wraps unopened. Once we have received your items, we will refund the full payment price by return. We can only accept the return of opened items if they are faulty. If you have any queries do let us know ASAP.

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If you are looking for a reputable parrot breeder that cares and raises every bird by hand with care, Contact Global Parrots and More today.